Waiting – Day 1

19th November 2019 2 By admin

Things to do in Southern Chile when your flight is delayed (day 1)

Spent today exploring so visited the cemetery in Punta Arenas to see the elaborate mausoleums followed by coffee and cake shops with fellow South Poler Lucy Reynolds then joined her teammate James Allen on a road trip North to Rio Verde in search of condors. We weren’t disappointed and after many miles of dirt track roads we came across flamingos, skunks, an armadillo and eventually several condors. A harsh but beautiful landscape and helped on our way with directions from two local officers who gave me a velcro badge after I told them I was also a police officer. In my efforts to explain I worked on police boats, they returned with ‘ah, Baywatch!’
If only!
On returning to Punta Arenas the protesters were just getting warmed up. Quite literally so as they were lighting fires around the town before being chased away by police firing tear gas.
Enough for one day and hoping to head south tomorrow before returning to await news on the onward flight.