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16th October 2019 0 By admin

Said goodbye to all of my food supplies and a lot of my kit today, hopefully to be reunited in four weeks in Punta Arenas in Chile.

Many hours over the past six months have been invested into what has become a number of boxes containing almost everything I will need to get me to the South Pole.
Once in Punta I will have just under a week to sort through it all and make up daily ration bags from all the various food packs as well as checking over all my equipment to ensure nothing is amiss.

Still got plenty to take with me so I can keep on tinkering with the rest of my kit right up until my departure on 11th November.
This date has always seemed an age away but now it is getting so close the excitement is ramping up.
Not a day has gone by without running through various aspects of the expedition. It is hard to imagine what I will do when i’m back as it has been all-consuming and on the whole very enjoyable so far but the real fun is yet to start!!

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