Round 3 Testing

26th July 2019 0 By admin

Yesterday I had my 3rd and final testing day for the trial I am taking part in at the University of Portsmouth.

I’ll spare you more pictures of me with a head like a beetroot but suffice to say I was extremely grateful the building was temperature controlled as sitting in a hot tub for an hour at 40 degrees on the hottest July day on record seemed a little odd!

I am now sorting through my kit to prepare for a brief trip to Chamonix next week for some refresher training on crevasse rescue and glacier travel.

Being a solo, crevasses are my biggest concern. Although the crevassed areas on my route are largely known, it is still a risk when travelling in these zones as they are mostly hidden and the consequences of falling into one doesn’t bear thinking about. However, any knowledge or skills to aid my extraction despite being a solo is worth having.

Hopefully i’ll have some lovely photos of the Alps to post at the end of next week. The Chamonix valley is such a beautiful place and of course Mont Blanc is dominant over the town.

Forecast is looking good too…….

The University of Portsmouth are still recruiting volunteers to take part in this trial so if you are a type 2 diabetic or know someone who is and would like to take part then please contact Tom James at 
@diabetesuk #diabetesuk #type2diabetes #SeeDiabetesDifferently
#antarctica #alps
#research #diabetesresearch