All packed and ready to go.

9th November 2019 0 By admin

Only a couple of days now until I depart the UK to fly to Punta Arenas in order begin final preparations before flying into Union Glacier in Antarctica.

Last day at work is now done, my tyres have been retired to the garage and final packing is complete including some essential reading for the almost 24 hour journey. I have gained the necessary 10kgs in weight to help me endure the calorie deficit and will be glad to lose it again!
Now to spend a couple of days with family before leaving on Monday evening.

My tracker is now live on the website so my daily position can be seen and I will be sending updates to John Crooks who will be adding these to the site so you can follow my progress from the warmth of your home!!

Food supplies and part of my kit is now in Punta Arenas, along with my pulk which had been held up for a number of days in Santiago due to the civil unrest going on in Chile right now. Apparently there’s been a cargo embargo in Santiago!! There have been protests all over the country and curfews have been put in place. Hopefully this won’t impact on my preparation but sadly people have lost their lives in the protests so my issues are small fry compared to some.

I’d like to thank all those who have helped me get to this point and I will name names in due course but I am so looking forward to stepping off the plane at Hercules Inlet and then getting into the daily routine of skiing, pitching my tent, melting snow for hot drinks and rehydrating my meals then doing it all over again day after day until I get to the South Pole some six weeks or so later.

Sending pictures will be limited to grainy images but I will send these anyway. I will be able to post more quality ones once I return along with video to show what I went through. If you haven’t already, please follow my facebook page at ’90 Degrees South Solo’ to get updates or visit the website (link below).

I will post again from Chile but please find time to visit my Just Giving page and donate if you can. I am confident that I will be able to manage my diabetes for this expedition but others are less fortunate and find it harder to control. By donating, Diabetes UK can carry on in their important work in finding ways to combat this condition and make other people’s lives a lot easier.

Hopefully by doing this I can show that despite having diabetes, you can still follow your dreams.

Diabetes UK
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