Punta Arenas

17th November 2019 2 By admin

Arrived here late on Tuesday evening just as the protests were in full swing. It was quite bizarre checking into the hotel overlooking the Straights of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego on one side then seeing billowing black smoke coming from the town behind me accompanied by sirens and car alarms and loud bangs. Walking through the town the following day showed graffitied buildings with shutters over windows and the remnants of what had been fires in the roads. There had also been a whole building completely gutted by fire which explained what I saw the previous night.

For me it’s been sorting kit, buying more food then getting through the tedious business of weighing, bagging and packing each day of food individually. All of this plus my kit goes to get weighed and loaded onto the aircraft this morning and then it’s just waiting for the green light. Word is that conditions are good in Antarctica so hoping there are no delays.
Don’t need any delays as since I’ve been here I must have eaten my body weight in steak.

Fingers crossed we fly tomorrow……