Ollie, my training companion

11th August 2019 0 By admin

I often get asked about how I am to use the toilet in Antarctica. Truth is it’s not a pleasant experience. Dropping your drawers in sub zero conditions usually means that the answer is ‘as quickly as possible!’
Having experienced this on my Greenland coast to coast traverse a number of years ago, the aim is to dig a hole, be quick, burn any paper and bury it. 
On this trip it will mostly be the case but due to the increased footfall nearer the South Pole, I am required to bag up and take out any human waste I produce for the last degree of latitude (60 miles).
So as my sledge should be getting lighter as I use my food and fuel, I am then loading it back up with my own produce!!

Fortunately I have a very thoughtful training partner in Ollie who has been helping me practice this. As you can see in the picture, he is looking rather smug having made me carry a few hundred grammes of his poo on today’s tyre pull.


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