My Starting Point

20th May 2019 0 By admin

This is a basic map of Antarctica showing my start point at Hercules Inlet and where the South Pole is, over 700 miles away.

Hercules Inlet is the classic start point for expeditions to the South Pole, starting where the land mass ends and the ice sheet continues. A number of expeditions use this route each year but to date there have only been 29 solo unsupported and unassisted expeditions that have succeeded, making this a very unique challenge.

Hercules Inlet is a short flight from Union Glacier near Patriot Hills, the base of Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE) who provide the flights, logistics and support where needed to projects such as mine.

From here I will be left totally alone before starting the long steep climb onto the icecap. The ascent is brutal to begin with, gaining over 1000 metres in altitude in the first few days. This is all with a full pulk (sledge) and also having the wind constantly in my face. The katabatic winds race from the polar plateau surrounding the South Pole (at around 3000 metres) down towards the coast and with nothing to stop them they can be quite ferocious. On the plus side, if the wind is in my face I know I’m going the right way!

Roughly half way I will encounter the tops of a range of mountains buried deep in the ice. These are named Thiel Mountains and between here and the finish at the South Pole there is nothing but a frozen white blanket.

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