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27th June 2019 0 By admin

Training for a polar expedition can be a bit tricky as you need to be a fitness jack of all trades. Firstly you need to have a lot of endurance to cover the distance and duration but you also need to have a lot of strength in order to pull a 100kg plus sledge. These two are not complimentary so you have to trade off.

The staple training for a trip of this nature is the tried and tested tyre pulling. I used this when preparing for a Greenland icecap crossing from East to West coast and it replicated the sledge pulling very well.

I aim for two to three tyre pulling sessions a week; one short three mile route whilst wearing a 20kg weighted vest, another including hills (Butser Hill on the South Downs Way) and another 2-3 hour pull around Thursley and Hankley commons which I am so lucky to live close to.

On top of this I have two heavy weight sessions a week including dead lifts, squats and other compound exercises and I rotate hill runs, speed intervals and use the cross trainer to simulate the skiing motion. Circuit training is a favourite so I attend the circuits at Surrey Sports Park when shifts allow too.

I will also be fitting in long hill days in Scotland which is something I love to do anyway but very good for the endurance training.

Here is my training kit – a 30kg tyre and an additional 15kg tyre along with a 20kg weighted vest. Although the tyres are lighter than what my sledge will be, the friction on the sandy trails makes them feel a lot heavier!

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