Help and Advice at Lucks Yard Clinic

22nd June 2019 0 By admin

As part of my preparation I have had great advice and help from the team at Lucks Yard Clinic in Milford. This has included podiatrist Yvette Mann who has been getting my feet into the best condition for the weeks they will be toiling on the ice. Along with this I am having custom insoles made to aid my training and help avoid foot injuries.
With the amount of training required I have also enlisted the help of Rob Rusak from Lucks Yard to keep my muscles in good working order with his deep tissue massage.

It’s great to have the help of Lucks Yard Clinic and they have been kind enough to give me a mention in their blog in support of my trip. You can read this below and it also contains some very useful information on Type 2 diabetes.

Read the Piece they wrote on me on the Luck’s Yard Website

South Pole Trek in aid of Diabetes UK 
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