Fine Tuning

25th September 2019 0 By admin

Now that I have pretty much all of my kit sorted, I have been spending some time adding, altering and testing various items.

The most recent has been the addition of a 3mm neoprene floor to add extra insulation to my tent along with adding loops to the zips and stakes so I can easily operate them with thick gloves or mitts.

I have also made a new stove board to mount the fuel bottle and stove, making a stable platform and stopping it from melting through the snow. I have tested each stove and fuel pump, boiling water to then test the three flasks I am taking. Each flask has spent over 12 hours in the freezer and has kept the water hot enough for a hot drink which should see me though each of the long days on the ice.

First aid supplies and spares kits are almost complete, hopefully taking enough but not too much stuff to fix or repair anything that could possibly break. Certain items I carry spares for but you can’t take two of everything! With careful planning and trying to think about what could break and how you could fix it should help keep the weight to a minimum. Rolls of tape, zip-ties, various sizes of paracord and bungee cord along with several different glues should come in handy for most jobs.

The days are flying by now and I will be shipping a large portion of my supplies and equipment in around three weeks so having to fine tune what goes and what stays. Old favourites versus new and shiny? No time for sentiment unfortunately.

On a different note, this weekend saw the point where the sun rose for the first time this season in Antarctica and it will stay above the horizon now until 22nd March 2020. So by the time I reach there, it should have warmed up a little (hopefully!) and provide me with 24 hour daylight.

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