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10th September 2019 0 By admin

Had a good meeting today with Dr Ralph Manders from the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Surrey University.
We discussed a number of things including how much I will need to bulk up prior to my expedition (no sarcastic comments please!), what kind of foods I should be taking with me and in particular what I should be looking at to give me the maximum number of calories per gram. Not an easy task as I am aiming to consume 6,500 calories per day (despite using close to 9000) and in order to keep it at a sensible weight of under 55kgs for 50 days of food, each item has to be carefully thought out and chosen.

This has coincided with the much appreciated support of two product sponsors.
First is Expedition Foods, who are supplying me with 1000 calorie dehydrated meals of over sixteen different choices including Chicken Tikka, Spaghetti Bolognaise and Chilli Con Carne plus breakfasts and desserts.
Then there is The Primal Pantry who are supplying a vast range of snack bars and protein bars, all at good calorie/weight ratios. 
Together, this accounts for just over half of my daily requirements but also amounts to 37kg in weight too.

On a previous expedition to Greenland, we also ate digestive biscuits with thick slabs of butter on top in order to replace the fat we were burning off. Although this sounds disgusting, it was delicious and hopefully i’ll be doing the same this time round! 
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