Waiting – Days 3&4

22nd November 2019 0 By admin

Things to do in South America when your flight is delayed (days 3&4)

With the three day delay myself, James and Tanel headed north to cross the border into Argentina to see the glacier at Perito Moreno. The day started well with a flat tyre followed by spending over an hour getting a new one in Puerto Natales. After crossing the border the tarmac roads turned to rocky dirt tracks for miles and miles before arriving in El Calafate late at night but early enough to tuck into one of biggest meat feasts I’ve ever had!
Now back in civilisation and mobile signal we picked up a message from ALE saying the there was a possibility of flying the following evening. 
So, after not much sleep and not seeing the glacier, we high tailed it for two hours back to the border and whilst en route got told to stand down again! Another about turn and back we went.
Definitely worth returning as the glacier was spectacular with chunks of ice constantly falling off into the lake. It loses about two metres a day but never recedes as it’s always on the move. 
Now back in Chile at Torres del Paine overnight and will return to Punta Arenas in time to get the next update on Friday evening. Really hoping we will get to fly this weekend!

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