Day 7

3rd December 2019 0 By admin

Lat S80deg 58.456’
Long W80deg 10.017’
Altitude 804m
Daily distance 12.04nm

Another beautiful sunny clear blue sky day with a very light head wind. Still minus 20 deg with wind chill though!
Set off looking to tick off the first milestone by crossing my first degree of latitude and into 81 degrees south.
Back at Union Glacier (and in Punta), I was lucky to meet and speak with Johanna Davidson who currently has the female solo record at 39 days, something which Wendy and Jenny are trying to surpass this season. When I asked for any tips she told me to try and celebrate something every single day. Very positive thinking so today my positive was going to be reaching 81 degrees south. But I didn’t! Frustratingly when I checked my mileage at the end of the day I was one and a half nautical miles short. Not a disaster though as I can now celebrate that tomorrow.
Instead I celebrated the versatility of the cold avenger mask I mentioned yesterday. I have brought some caffeine gum to give me a boost from time to time and this afternoon I accidentally coughed the gum out. The cold avenger’s rubber cup caught it so all good. I then spent a short while trying to fetch it back in using my tongue but without success. A quick head flip and it jumped back into my mouth. I was so impressed it became a ‘thing’ and when I get bored of chewing, the cold avenger minds my gum and then I have the joy of trying to flip it back into my mouth. Simple things!
The mountains behind me are almost out of sight and temporarily appear and disappear every time I stop and look depending whether I’m on top of a rise or in a dip in the terrain. Pretty sure I’ll lose sight of them completely tomorrow leaving nothing on the horizon all around.
Before I go I’d like to say a huge thank you to John Crooks. He gets these blogs via the wonder of satellites and then posts them across all my social media and website, tying in with Anthony Goddard to keep the tracker up to date too. I hope you are enjoying following me and it’s all down to John posting my updates so thanks again!

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