Day 6

2nd December 2019 1 By admin

Lat S80deg 46.534’
Long W80deg 02.212’
Altitude 778m
Daily distance 11.18nm

Or so it seems! Turned the corner today onto the almost straight line to the pole. Bearing is 142deg though, not the expected 180 due to the magnetic deviation. The magnetic South Pole is way out somewhere in the Southern Ocean and it’s influence on compass readings here is pretty big. How do I work it out? I don’t! Thank goodness for GPS. Cheating? I don’t care as I’ve still got to physically get there. 
Next waypoint is at Thiel Corner which is 260 nautical miles away so not a lot to do now except keep straight. Easier said than done without anything to navigate by now. It’s a case of look down at the compass, look up and try to pick a feature and head for it. If you look away and look back it’s almost impossible to find it again so you start the process again. Other clues are wind direction and shadows so you can generally get it right.
Wind dropped right off today and made for pleasant conditions but it is noticeably colder. 
I have to have full face protection and I do this using a neck buff which extends over my head and ears, then a ‘cold avenger’ mask followed by a beanie hat and goggles. This pretty much does it but I still have to cover where gaps can occur so I use tape to cover the tops of my cheeks, my nose and just by the corner of each eye. I must look a treat but it’s effective and stops any cold injuries to my face. The cold avenger is a great item. Makes me look like Darth Vader and it has a rubber cup that covers the mouth and nose making it easier to breathe. This is instead of breathing through fabric where ice just forms making it very uncomfortable. I still get that but not on my face. Simple but effective. I also have my jacket hood of course and with the fur ruff it keeps out a lot of the wind and cold. 
My mileage is as the crow flies so I actually travelled a couple of miles further than recorded but from tomorrow every mile is a mile closer to the pole!

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