Day 50 – One more sleep

15th January 2020 0 By admin

Day 50
Lat S89deg 49.282’
Long W78deg 34.995’
Altitude 2817m
Daily distance 11.82nm
Distance to SP 10.77nm

Well tonight can be my Christmas Eve and New Years Eve put together. Tomorrow should see me at the pole barring any disasters. About a week longer than intended but I don’t care. Getting there is the aim and doing it safely and without any major injuries or frost damage is the main thing for me. I am so looking forward to it and I will try and savour every part of my arrival.
I had hoped to be a mile or two closer but I decided to call time an hour early. This was partly so I wasn’t in a rush on my last night to get things done before my check in call plus because I was struggling to rewarm after the previous break. Today has easily been the coldest day so far and again it’s the break times that mess things up. At least tomorrow’s end point is warm and with a nice hot meal.
Anyway, it’s only just over the horizon as I can smell fresh bread and coffee brewing! This might sound like I’m imagining things but something happened today that I’m sure was real. Twice in fact. I was hood up and head down and daydreaming about food yet again. This time it was how many mini sausage rolls I could eat before either getting full, being sick or getting bored when all of a sudden it sounded as though a jet fighter had passed right overhead. I immediately looked up and then around but not surprisingly there was nothing. The wind was relatively stiff but it couldn’t have been that so I dismissed it as my mind playing tricks and continued. A few minutes later the same happened again! This time it spooked me but again unsurprisingly there was nothing around. No idea what it was but it was definitely real. Perhaps there is a top secret Area 51 down here?
I’ll find out tomorrow….

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