Day 49 – A beautiful day

14th January 2020 1 By admin

Day 49
Lat S89deg 37.530’
Long W79deg 53.008’
Altitude 2797m
Daily distance 13.65nm
Distance to SP 22.59nm

Woke up in a nicely warmed tent thanks to the sun sticking around all night. In fact it’s been the only thing in the sky today without even a hint of a cloud anywhere. Whilst making for a beautiful landscape it doesn’t make any dent in the temperature. Another bitterly cold day and fortunately the wind was quick weak. Exposing any skin wasn’t something you wanted to do and breaks were very quick yet again.
I know I’m on a big flat plateau but today was the first time it looked like the horizon went for miles and miles. Up until now it has always given the appearance of being constantly uphill (which it has but very gradually) with a short horizon. It was another reminder of just how vast this place is.
After yesterday’s signs of life I saw nothing on the ground but early in the afternoon two light aircraft came over within a short time of each other and a few hours later were going back the other way, one of them almost directly overhead. Hard to think right now that it will be me doing that soon but providing I have a similar day tomorrow I should be arriving at the pole on Wednesday afternoon (early evening time in the UK)
It’ll be a welcome sight after seven weeks and I’m so looking forward to a good meal and proper sleep.
Not a lot else to report from today I’m afraid but combined with the fact I’m extremely tired I’ll keep this one short. Need my sleep for tomorrow to ensure I get a good few miles in to make the last day a coast I can enjoy rather than a slugfest just to make it there that day.

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