Day 48 – Signs of life

14th January 2020 0 By admin

Day 48
Lat S89deg 23.945’
Long W79deg 34.978’
Altitude 2762m
Daily distance 13.66nm
Distance to SP 36.24nm

After a nice relatively warm night in the tent it was so nice to have everything dry. I pitch the tent depending on the wind direction so this morning the sun was on my side of the tent which was very nice to wake up to.
It started sunny and finished the same with clear blue skies all day so I was very relieved that the pessimistic forecast for whiteouts was wrong. Again there was a very cold wind but today it was more in my face which helped ice up my mask and jacket from my exhaled breath. Once frozen they grate against each other and occasionally stick together too which is very annoying as when you lift your head the mask comes down.
Despite the sun and exercise I felt cold all day. The lack of any body insulation now can’t help. Only a few days and I’ll be able to start adding that back on and every thought today turned to food. I even found my mind wandering around the supermarket doing my weekly food shop!
As I’m getting closer, all routes converge on the pole so I crossed over two other ski tracks and the vehicle track again. This had mostly been filled back in with drifting snow but is quite obvious still. As well as this a small aircraft flew over on its way to the pole. Quite a busy hub I’ll be arriving at soon.
There is a lot more traffic in the last degree coming into the pole so the toilet habits have to change. Until this point it is simply dig a hole, go in the hole, fill in the hole. To avoid the last degree turning into a toilet you get issued with wag bags. So now it’s open bag, go in bag, seal bag and take it with you! The perk of being solo is that instead of going out into the cold you can have a ‘porch poo’! A lot better than having the wind and spindrift around your nethers!

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