Day 46 – Simple Life

12th January 2020 2 By admin

Day 46
Lat S88deg 56.204’
Long W80deg 29.382’
Altitude 2740m
Daily distance 12.57nm
Distance to SP 64.13nm

Today was mostly a carbon copy of yesterday until a few hours from the end when it turned into yet another whiteout! Only other difference was that it was a tiny bit less cold until the wind strengthened and that really made a difference! There was another parhelion around the sun all the time it was out and there were light traces of a second one too.
Mileage is slightly less than I’d have liked but had a later start today and after three hours of whiteout combined with goggles starting to fog and freeze I decided to call it a day at 11 hours so I’m now about 3 to 4 nautical miles from the last degree.
Getting so close to the finish you can’t help but start thinking of home and all the things that go with it. There’s so much I’ve missed and lots I’m looking forward to but out here life is so simple. All you have to worry about is having enough food, fuel, shelter and the capability of pulling it all behind you. Not too much in the way of external worries and the other things that occupy our lives daily making for a hectic lifestyle.
With this I intend to soak up as much as I can from this experience while I’m still here and savour the simplicity and stress free routine along with the raw beauty of the place. It really has been special and a privilege to have seen such a vast part of a continent not many get to see first hand.
Soon I will be seeing other people (last degree trips) no doubt and before I know it the prefab buildings and other paraphernalia around the South Pole will come into view and not long after that it will just be a memory and I’ll be back in the normality of home.
But at least I’ll be warm, well fed and clean!
Every cloud…..

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