Day 41 – Perfect timing

7th January 2020 0 By admin

Day 41
Lat S87deg 54.923’
Long W82deg 55.773’
Altitude 2568m
Daily distance 8.96nm

Not the best of starts! I overslept my alarm. Really annoyed after finishing on a high yesterday. I was pretty tired at the end of the day so maybe I needed it. All the same, today I was looking forward to seeing my mileage increase. As it happens I only skied for 9 hours and got the same return as Ive had in each of the past few days so it’s a positive to take from the day.
Maybe it was meant to be though. It was whiteout conditions again from the start but being on the flat it didn’t really matter too much. This lasted for about three hours then just as the sun made an appearance the sastrugi returned. Not as bad as before but still had to battle my way through and pick best routes which in the whiteout wouldn’t have been fun. They didn’t last long and as they started to thin a big bank of mist rolled in and it was back to where we started. Had I not overslept that could’ve been so much different.
Another plus was that I didn’t have a single fall but Percy had a nightmare section, going over a few times in quick succession.
After another cold night it wasn’t great to hear the wind outside. As I’ve said, it sounds worse inside but knowing how cold it was yesterday any wind would have an adverse effect. I was right. It seemed to be stronger than the 10 knots predicted by the forecast and that would’ve given a windchill of minus 40 deg c. No idea what it was but likely to have been lower! Breaks have become something I dread as it takes an age to rewarm afterwards but you’ve got to refuel. My mask froze to my beard again and a big chunk of ice formed under it from my breath which occasionally froze to my jacket too. A bit of a pain as when you look up it pulls the mask down and you then have to expose fingers to put it all right again.
Still, getting closer though and only 5 miles to the 88th degree and another 100 metres higher too. Soon on the last straight….

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