Day 4

30th November 2019 0 By admin

Lat S80deg 29.901’
Long W80deg 26.821’
Altitude 817m
Daily distance 9.79nm

Sounds crazy but the tent gets too warm! The 24 hour sun radiates through making it very pleasant but last night was too hot so didn’t sleep well.
Got up early anyway so I could get a full day in before the high winds came. It was so quiet without a breath of wind as I set off and I reckon I could’ve gotten away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt. For ten minutes. Then the wind started.
My next waypoint is heading east (wrongly said west yesterday!) so with the wind being SSW it was at right angles to my face. Not too uncomfortable but this wind also shapes the landscape. That meant that I was crossing the small ridges it creates. Not a huge problem but it stops you getting any rhythm going. Occasionally though some are just high enough to stop a 100kg(ish) bloke in his tracks, especially if he’s using half skins and pulling a pulk slightly heavier than himself. This stand-off in suspended animation lasts only a few seconds until a few hip thrusts gets momentum going and we carry on. Just glad nobody can see!
I soon went past the Three Sails and although still in my periphery this was now a blank whiteness in front of me where the compass will become my friend.
The wind strengthened as the day wore on and I was keen to get 9 hours in before it was predicted to hit 50 knots. I stopped at 9 hours and although not at its strongest it was interesting pitching my tent. Before I do anything I clip it to my pulk to stop it blowing away. That is unthinkable out here and wouldn’t end well. As I’m writing this the tent is shaking constantly but holding up well. I have every confidence in it and it always sounds worse from the inside. Looking like another sleepless night with the noise but as it isn’t forecast to ease until mid morning I might treat myself to a lie in.
Hoping to complete the 11 miles to the next waypoint tomorrow so I can then start to head south properly and fingers crossed the terrain is in my favour. Downside to this is that the winds will then mostly be directly in my face. As I was told a few months ago, things don’t get easier here, they just get different!

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