Day 37 – Food!

2nd January 2020 0 By admin

Day 37
Lat S87deg 18.484’
Long W82deg 36.820’
Altitude 2300m
Daily distance 11.29nm

A cold start with a brutal uphill climb amongst the sastrugi but the sun was shining so all ok as you can navigate your way around them mostly. This lasted for about an hour then it clouded over and contrast disappeared, soon to be pretty much another whiteout which saw me through the rest of the day. It caused a few problems with the sastrugi and caught me out numerous times but by some miracle neither me nor Percy went over! It wasn’t all grim and there were a few sections of prolonged flatness to get up some steam, it’s just that you didn’t know when you’d hit the next big lump.
During these spells of staring into the abyss your mind starts to wander. It’s quite therapeutic and over the whole trip you get to do a lot of thinking. You reminisce, you get to realise what’s important in life and what isn’t. You reflect on the past and think about the future when you get home. I had a similar ‘reset’ when Scott and I rowed across the Atlantic 12 years ago. I did return from that experience with a different mindset but I’m buggered if I’m doing another trip in 12 year’s time again as I’ll be 60!
I’ve been lucky to have quiz questions sent to me from home to keep my mind occupied and these have been a real help especially since my Spotify account stopped but today all I could think about was food! Nothing in particular, just all the food I haven’t been able to have since being out here. Don’t get me wrong, the Expedition Foods meals are very tasty and something I really look forward to but you do miss the real deal!
With the sastrugi and whiteout slowing things up I wanted to add another half hour to the day to keep my mileage up but I entered another section of thick sastrugi about five minutes into it and thought best to camp before there aren’t any flat spots to pick from, especially when you can’t see more than a metre away!
Still, another 11 plus nautical miles closer and now at 2300 metres too. All going well I will get to my next waypoint tomorrow then I’ll track east again slightly once the crevassing has passed and then it’s a beeline for the pole!

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