Day 32 – Polar Plod

29th December 2019 0 By admin

Day 32
Lat S86deg 19.627’
Long W81deg 31.883’
Altitude 1755m
Daily distance 12.10nm

No pun intended but that’s mostly what my day consisted of.
Cold overcast start so added an extra layer then visibility disappeared and it was whiteout conditions on and off for several hours. The extra snow through the night proved to be a hindrance again and all there was to do was head down and plod. It rotated through look up, see nothing, head down, compass, ski tips, compass, ski tips, look up, see nothing and so on….
By early afternoon though the sun was trying its best to make an appearance but visibility was still very poor. There were virtually no sastrugi which made it so much easier but still a plod with the snow.
Once the sun did come out it did so in force and I began to regret my choice of layers. Didn’t want to remove my jacket as there was still a very light snowfall so tops would’ve got damp with the snow so I just had to get sweaty instead. Lesser of two evils but the warmer option.
During my power hour at the end I was feeling particularly tired but perhaps this was due to being too hot. The hour also saw the start of the sastrugi which I am expecting to encounter in the next section. They’re quite small for now but apparently they get bigger so loads to look forward to in the coming days! Forecast is for fog and low cloud again tomorrow too.
Started feeling hungry this morning when on the move. First time I’ve experienced this so far so might be the slight uplift in hours or the fact that it’s now harder work. A lot of the extra weight I gained has gone too so maybe my body is telling me I need to put more in. Had an extra pudding tonight that I’d not eaten near the start so the extra calories will help for tomorrow. I’ve got a couple more left as in the beginning it was difficult to consume so many calories so I left them out for roughly a week. Glad I did so now.

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