Day 30 Ho-Ho-Ho

27th December 2019 0 By admin

Day 30
Lat S85deg 55.699’
Long W81deg 15.965’
Altitude 1572m
Daily distance 11.13nm

More like slow slow slow!
Wind has returned and it was relatively strong to begin but waned as the day went on. Very sluggish start and felt quite lethargic so had a word with myself but it was still a struggle to get any decent rhythm. The wind has started to skim the snow away but there’s enough left to stop any real glide. It’s all I can think of that’s slowing progress as there was very little in the way of incline today and as far as you can see there are very few sastrugi.
Feels like I’m on a huge plateau as I feel I can see further ahead than normal. With a few clouds passing by the sun, their shadows give a depth to the landscape all around and it gives a sense of how huge this place is.
I started with the last of the Thiel range to the west of me this morning but now they’re out of sight over the horizon. The next thing I’ll see now will be the South Pole station!!
I decided not to take the extra hour today. Mainly because I had a later start and by finishing later would compress the time between pitching and my scheduled check in and that would mean having to eat later and the knock on effect would be less sleep or another late start. So I opted to just do ten hours and use Christmas as an excuse to justify it!
Nothing special was brought for Christmas dinner so it was a lucky dip and I had spaghetti carbonara. I also had a chocolate festive wreath, a brandy fruit and nut cake (all 400g of it) and a miniature whisky that were kindly given to me before I left. Im glad to have eaten the cake as it’s quite a lump so maybe I’ll fly tomorrow without it in my pulk.
Another cold day and a wind chill down to minus 30. Really felt cold on breaks and when pitching the tent my hands got very cold again. I change mitts for working gloves to put the tent up but it makes a difference in insulation by separating the fingers. Once the tent was up and I was inside they warmed very quickly though. The temperature will naturally get colder as I near the pole anyway as the altitude increases all the way. With that in mind it’s all change again but this time my top layer will get a refresh too. This one has been on since I arrived on 23rd Nov so it’s served me well. Don’t think it smells too bad either but I’m swapping for a thinner layer combined with a woolnet top. Essentially this is a string vest but the two together are excellent. May even don my woolnet long johns too. They aren’t attractive as it looks like I’m wearing fishnets but out here who cares!

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