Day 3

29th November 2019 0 By admin

Day 3
Lat S80deg 20.254’
Long W80deg 36.344’
Altitude 753m
Daily distance 12.7nm

Windy start so put a jacket on today! Yesterday’s exertion warranted a base layer and mid layer only but as today flattened out, a base layer and jacket did the job. Added another hour today and that along with the flatter terrain helped increase my daily total. The distances I’m reporting have to be in nautical miles so multiply by 1.15 and you get statute miles like we use every day. This makes for 14.6 ‘normal’ miles so pretty pleased especially as I’m at almost full weight.
By noon the wind decreased significantly and I could make out a black dot on the horizon. Obviously another expedition but which one? As I got closer I thought I could see two people but only one pulk, but if they’re in file then that’d be right, or was it a shadow? There aren’t any pairs out here so must be Ryan Waters group of three. But they were way behind, how could they have shot past? Must be one person so got to be Wendy. She went on for longer so I’ve caught her up I thought. Definitely Wendy as I crossed single ski tracks. After a few hours of drawing level and getting close enough I realised it was neither! Jenny Davis, another solo going for the female speed record had passed me after I camped but now I’d caught back up with her. Spent the next three hours skiing alongside as two ‘solos’ before I camped and she carried on. She was out here last year in horrific conditions but unfortunately had her trip cut short with illness so gas come back for unfinished business.
My very last visual to navigate by was in my view most of today. The Three Sails are small mountains side by side that stick up over the horizon and can be seen many miles away. They looked more like three clouds to me but I didn’t get to name them.
Tomorrow I turn slightly west and head for the 80 degree line of longitude for 20 miles before turning south and almost a straight line for the pole.
Weather report is for a strong wind gusting at 50 knots tomorrow night so going for an early start so I can set up camp and batten down the hatches for the night. Going to be interesting!!

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