Day 27

23rd December 2019 1 By admin

Day 27
Lat S85deg 23.127’
Long W80deg 52.895’
Altitude 1353m
Daily distance 12.95nm

Well that’ll teach me to brag about having all the sunshine!
The day started without any wind and the sun shining as has been normal of late. Just a base layer with mid-layer was needed to ski in with the lack of wind too.
Then within half an hour of setting off, the clouds started to roll in from the northeast along with some fog. Not too bad at first and the contrast was poor but you could still see the horizon and make out the terrain in front of you.
The view to the west where Thiel mountains continue was gradually fading and then mid afternoon it started to snow. Only lightly but enough to change things altogether. There was no longer a horizon and everything looked exactly the same. No depth or height perception at all and all I could do was follow the compass. It became very challenging and staring at your ski tips for hours isn’t exactly fun. Fortunately there isn’t much in the way of sastrugi on this stretch but what’s there is enough to send you flying when you go over it without knowing. There’s no way of telling when it’s coming in order to avoid it so it’s mainly down to luck. The forecast is the same for tomorrow and I’m not far away from the next height gain which usually comes with a change in terrain so will see how that goes.
The cloud cover and lack of wind allows for a reasonably comfortable temperature to ski in but inside the tent it’s a totally different place to be without the sun radiating in. I’m writing this whilst inside my sleeping bag and my nose is freezing! Not sure how quickly my gear will dry if at all tonight so might be a chilly start tomorrow with damp gear.
Relatively happy with my miles today in the circumstances and came through all the falls unscathed. Actually you get to be quite good at it after a while!
Reading back yesterday’s blog I noticed I’d written Simon Callow instead if Cowell. I’m sure you all knew who I meant anyway but just to clear it up.

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