Day 26

22nd December 2019 0 By admin

Day 26
Lat S85deg 10.239’
Long W80deg 54.611’
Altitude 1360
Daily distance 10.26nm

While everyone back home is rushing around on the last Saturday before Christmas getting last minute gifts, I had a lie in and then knocked off an hour early! Small reward to myself for reaching halfway. I still did 8 hours but didn’t like the idea of a complete rest day when the weather is good so this was a nice compromise.
Another day with barely a breath of wind so no jacket required. It was nippy enough to warrant a mid-layer though as my arms were quite cold without it.
My core keeps nice and warm still with my salopettes resembling Simon Callow’s trousers.
Early in the day I spied a few dots on the horizon which grew as I closed in. I knew it would be the runway here at Thiel where they also keep a fuel cache and I was also told there was a toilet here too. Bizarrely this was true. It’s the only thing here apart from the fuel drums, runway groomer and a windsock. At 345 statute miles from both the south pole one way and Union Glacier the other it’s got to be the worlds most remote toilet. If not then I’d love to hear of another. Things got even more weird when I peered inside and saw a guest book! Of course I added my name to it and then browsed the other names and comments from others who have passed through here, either on expedition or a flight on its way through. It’s the longest I’ve ever hung around a toilet block and a nice distraction from the past weeks of whiteness. Did I use it? Depends if that loses my unsupported status!
As well as the toilet being very remote, I must be one of the most remote humans on the planet right now too. Apart from a handful of other expeditioners there’s not a soul around for several hundred miles.
The sky clouded over a little in the afternoon but the sun is still an ever present. Being the winter equinox back home and having the shortest day this weekend you could be forgiven for wondering where the sun has gone. Don’t worry, i’ve got it down here!!

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