Day 25

22nd December 2019 0 By admin

Day 25
Lat S85deg 00.041’
Long W80deg 49.629’
Altitude 1356m
Daily distance 14.19nm

Currently sitting in a much more clement tent now it’s clouded over and I’m feeling pretty happy. Have reached 85 degrees south which marks the halfway point on my route to the pole. Only 300 nautical miles to go now so can start counting the other way. It’s still a hefty distance to cover and it’s another 1600 metres of uphill but Percy is getting lighter every day (although I’m sure someone’s putting rocks in there!) and I’m feeling in good condition still.
Really pleased with how my body hasn’t capitulated so far but not having blisters is a massive bonus. Got a few niggly pressure points that are sore but nothing more. I’m also grateful to Fleur and Nicki at CurraNZ for their supply of supplements which have worked wonders. Although fatigue has to set in at some point, taking these first thing then redosing half way through each day has largely kept fatigue at bay and at no point have I suffered muscle soreness which is incredible for skiing ten hours each day for multiple days.
Despite consuming over 6000 calories a day I think I’ve lost a few kilos too which will cancel out the meat feast we had in Argentina almost a month ago now, and I’m close to cancelling the shopping trip for sports bras!
It was another windless day so started with just a base layer then by midday it had clouded over so jacket came back out yet it was still very comfortable temperature wise even at minus 13 degrees.
Surface started ok and about two hours from the end it started to get a lot harder and for the first time in days I was able to stretch my legs and it felt great. I came up short at the end of my ten hours so added another thirty minutes to see me past halfway as I was determined to get there today.
Thiel waypoint is still five miles away and I can now see the mountains over the horizon to my right. I’ll be heading that way tomorrow and from there it’s uphill all the way! I’m sitting at 1356 metres which is 12 metres higher than Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest point. I bet it’s warmer here than there right now though! And drier!!

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