Day 23

20th December 2019 0 By admin

Lat S84deg 32.215’
Long W80deg 35.849’
Altitude 1283m
Daily distance 13.02nm

Last night was so hot I slept outside of my sleeping bag. That was until it clouded over and the radiated heat died! Woke up feeling rather chilly sometime after that happened. Just as I was dozing I heard an aircraft pass over. Even without any noise from the wind it sounded faint but seemed to be travelling from the direction of the pole to where I’ve come from.
This morning when I opened the tent I was greeted by another sundog along with a very light downfall of snow. It was quite eerie as there was fog all round too but it was very mild without any wind.
This was after calling home to wish my Mam a happy birthday and she told me there were lots of messages of support on the blogs. Unfortunately I can’t see these now but looking forward to reading them on my return to civilisation so thank you! The donations are going up very slowly and I’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far. If you haven’t then please find time to do so from the links in the bios or on the website. It’s the least you could do for all this suffering!!
Having started with a jacket purely because of the snow, I soon had to take it off as I was beginning to sweat despite it being minus 15! Even the mitts were too warm so switched to gloves without liners. It was a lot more comfortable in just my Aclima base layer and it did just the job. Most of my base layers are Aclima and I must thank the team at Nordic Outdoor for providing them. They also sorted out my Hilleberg tent and getting the snow skirts added on which are invaluable.
The ground conditions were much like yesterday otherwise and made for hard work in the heat. This made it thirsty work and my rationing of drinks went right out the window. I ended up leaving myself half a flask of sports drink for my last three breaks. I know warm drinks are more readily taken up but by scooping a load of snow into the flask lid first makes a much more refreshing slush puppy! Probably didn’t add much in the way of liquid but they were so nice.
Right now the wind is still absent so tent is very warm. In order to enjoy my tea (chicken korma in a bag!) without sweating, I opened both the inner and outer doors and had an almost alfresco dinner. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be eating my tea looking out over the Antarctic icecap from a tent!!

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