Day 13

9th December 2019 0 By admin

Lat S82deg 15.164’
Long W80deg 30.194’
Altitude 917m
Daily distance 13.67nm

What a glorious day! The strong winds that were predicted didn’t materialise and there was a slight breeze throughout. As I’m writing this sat in the tent there is barely a breath of wind to be heard outside.
A cloudless sky showed all the shades of blue from dark deep space right above down to the light blue on the horizon. With no wind and therefore no snow drift, the horizon was clearly defined all round and this was how it stayed.
Began with a spring in my step and pretty much finished with it too. There seemed to be more glide with the skis and I think the diminishing weight might be coming into play.
With each day’s food weighing 1300 grams plus the fuel I’ve used, I reckon that Percy should be roughly 20kg lighter already. I estimate he was 115kg at the start so now he’ll be 95ish kg. I was 98kg when I left the UK so after consuming a few cow’s worth of steak I must’ve started at somewhere over 100kg. Even allowing for a few kilos of weight loss, I must be heavier than Percy right now so momentum is now swinging in my favour, perhaps allowing for the better miles today.
Even though I’ve dropped a little bit of weight myself, I still can’t feel my ribs and if I were to go home right now I’d have to go shopping for sports bras!
First casualty of the trip today. The thumb of my liner glove has developed a hole. Not to worry as I’ve got spares but in the plus side I can get quicker access to my phone on breaks!

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