Day 12

8th December 2019 1 By admin

Lat S82deg 01.562’
Long W80deg 28.077’
Altitude 855m
Daily distance 12.23nm

Passed through 82 degrees today with the wind making a good attempt to hinder me. A stiff 20 to 25 knot headwind was trying to push me the opposite way all day and it’s expected to be the same tomorrow. It reminded me of when I used to cycle to work at Faslane on the west coast of Scotland and I’m sure back then it used to turn around and have a go at me on my way home every day too!
The wind gave a wind chill temp of around minus 25 to 30 deg C so not one to hang about in. After my last break it took a while to rewarm as I’d had the last of my flask contents the break before. Will avoid that tomorrow but otherwise hydration hasn’t been an issue. I’ll have a 750ml flask of black coffee with sugar, another with sports drink and also two 1litre insulated nalgene bottles, one with sports drink and the other with electrolyte tablets. I stow them inside the front of the pulk and insulate them using my down jacket.
So far I haven’t been needing a pee every break nor have I felt thirsty or dehydrated or had a headache and my old nemesis cramp has stayed away too so the electrolytes must be helping.
Lower back was a tiny bit stiff this morning so I have adjusted my harness ever so slightly and it seems to have worked a treat. As much as you try to maintain a flow to the movement, the pulk, being around the same weight as me does pull back and despite there being a length of bungee cord in my traces there is an almost constant jarring effect which over time makes your hips and/or lower back ache. Adjusting every now and then spreads the discomfort.
Apart from the wind, conditions continue to be very favourable and it’s not as if the wind is a surprise so all in all another good day.

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