Day 11

8th December 2019 1 By admin

Day 11
Lat S81deg 49.391’
Long W80deg 28.616’
Altitude 849m
Daily distance 13.12nm

Tough start to the day with the first session gaining a little bit of height. The second had a section of sastrugi which was more undulating than normal so had to contend with that too. Not for long though and it was back to business as usual. Today brought a stiffer wind and change of direction with it being almost head on. Despite these little challenges it was another 13 nauticals in the bag. At this stage I’m pretty ok with that considering the weight I’m pulling but mindful of increasing the daily miles as the days pass by.
I have been crossing someone else’s tracks periodically over the past few days. Wanting the solo experience I knew this was a possibility and wasn’t sure how I would feel should it happen. With the enormity of the task now apparent I’m not too concerned but to avoid altogether I have inched over to the west a touch. Hopefully that’s enough and won’t see them again at least for a while.
The stiffer wind made breaks less comfortable so tried not to hang around too much at these times, just refuel and get going. I do have a down jacket handy to keep warm at breaks but I’ll utilise that when it’s too cold to stop.
Two significant events happened today. First was giving my pulk a name. Not a lot of people to talk to out here so by addressing my pulk with a name feels as close as this will get. I decided on Percy. No idea why, apart from beginning with ‘P’.
Second was both of us falling over. Occasionally he’ll tip onto one runner after going over a ramp but for the first time today he tipped totally onto his side. I didn’t hear this but definitely felt it as the effort shot right up. Backing up on my skis to pull him upright shouldn’t have been too much bother had my mitt actually taken hold of his side. Instead I pathetically gave in to gravity and crumpled on my side too. A bit embarrassing but one of the perks of being solo is not being seen!

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