Day 10

6th December 2019 0 By admin

Lat S81deg 36.539’
Long W80deg 12.835’
Altitude 772m
Daily distance 13.14nm

Business as usual and the great weather continues. Slightly more breezy today giving a wind chill in the minus 20’s so will still give you a bite if not covered up.
Really had to force myself to get up this morning but once the stove was on I was into my routine once again. On the whole pretty level and good conditions under ski. Felt good the whole day and largely due to the refuelling at breaks. Breakfast is normally a porridge based 1000kcal meal from Expedition Foods with cocoa butter drops and coconut milk powder added in, and then at each break I’ll have either an energy bar or protein bar from Primal Pantry. Lunchtime is my favourite as I have about six slices of salami and 40g of cheese! At this time I also top up on my curraNZ which really helps. In fact since I’ve started I’ve barely noticed any muscle fatigue so they’re a massive addition to my daily intake.

Although it was being discussed before I headed out here, I am delighted to say that Heart Internet are now onboard as sponsors. Really happy to have their support and thanks again must go to John Crooks for liaising on my behalf. John will add links to them on the website so check them out.

The Pirrit Hills are all but out of sight now. Can just see the last remaining top on the horizon but it’s behind my right shoulder so it’s really starting to feel remote. In fact when I left the tent this morning for the first time I really had to orientate myself. The sun gives it away, plus the wind but it’s such a vast featureless place. Once underway, apart from the compass you learn to know the way from sun, shadows, wind and also how the snow dunes run. I’m relying less and less purely on the compass and can now use it as a reference every now and then to make sure I’m still on track. Of course my shadow moves with the sun (15 degrees per hour) but it’s still a good reference when combined with something else.
Forecast tomorrow is much the same then the wind begins to strengthen on Saturday. Been a good run so far so hopefully it isn’t too strong.

(Hope you like the photo Sherry!)

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