Countdown begins…..

26th November 2019 0 By admin

Beautiful clear blue sunny skies today at Union Glacier but a slight breeze which brings it down to minus 15 deg C outside. It’s amazing how it doesn’t actually feel that cold and I’m able to walk around in just a base layer and thin mid layer.

There has been a bit of excitement today as Andrew, an American marathon runner has completed his ‘marathon on every continent’. He ran four and a bit times around the 10km circuit and was joined by one or two people for some of the laps. He finished in 9 hours – nutter!

With my pulk virtually packed (no tent or sleeping system) I set out on the 10km circuit too. There was a little bit of trepidation as I put my skis on and attached my harness to the pulk for the first time out here with a full load. Having made sure the seasoned skiers, guides and camp staff weren’t watching, I headed out. No need for the nerves as it felt like I’d last been on skis only yesterday. I’m guessing that my pulk was in the region of 100 to 105kg but the conditions were perfect and it glides along behind me with little effort. The long uphill drag coming out of Hercules Inlet won’t be such a breeze but this gave me a lot of satisfaction as it was so much easier than dragging 45kg of tyres around the Devil’s Punchbowl.

One expedition flew to his start today. Tanel, our Estonian road trip buddy is skiing the Messner Route to the pole. It’s a slightly shorter route but he’s climbing Mount Vinson afterwards to complete his seven summits (highest on every continent)

I have been told that Tuesday is still good to fly to my start but this will likely be later in the day due to winds at Hercules Inlet. We are three hours behind UK time so will probably be in the evening back home.
Exciting times and I’m feeling ready and good to go now. It’s two weeks since I left the UK so holiday time is over and now it’s down to the business end of the trip except that I was forced to gave a few glasses of wine and a few beers after dinner tonight. Rude not to!!

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