Cold Chamber Testing

31st October 2019 0 By admin

Spent some time last week in the cold chamber at the University of Portsmouth testing various bits of kit and clothing.

The treadmill was set at a quicker speed than I will be skiing in order to simulate the greater effort needed to pull my pulk.
Happy to say that apart from a cold feeling across my shoulders initially, I soon warmed up and the clothing worked just as I had hoped and there were no issues despite being in there at minus 20 deg C for over an hour.

The infra red pictures show me at various stages of preparation plus how the heat/cold was distributed during the time in the chamber. The gauge on the right of each picture indicates the temperature range for a particular colour. The darker the colour, the colder it is but this also means that an item such as my glove showing dark also means that the heat is being retained within which is so important for my extremities.
Thermisters placed inside my clothing showed positively too, giving lots of confidence in the kit i’ll be wearing.

A big thanks to Geoff Long and Tom James for setting this up.