Case Study at University of Portsmouth

4th July 2019 0 By admin

In addition to the research study I am taking part in at the University of Portsmouth, I am delighted that they will also be carrying out a case study on me for the duration of my time in Antarctica. The effects of extreme environments on type 2 diabetes is largely unknown and as a result of my contact with the University, Tom James and Jennifer Wright from the Department of Sport and Exercise Science will conduct a series of tests both before and after to see how the Antarctic experience impacts me. 
Jennifer has previously worked with the Ice Maidens, the all female British Army expedition to the South Pole so i’m in good hands.

“The University of Portsmouth (UoP) aim to conduct a research case study looking into how Neil’s expedition will affect his type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic, cardiovascular, and nerve function. Using state of the art human testing equipment and laboratories, UoP will test Neil’s base level function before his expedition, and after, measuring things such as glucose tolerance and fuel utilisation. He will also be given monitors to take with him while in the South Pole to record blood glucose levels throughout his expedition.” 
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