Camp Life

25th November 2019 0 By admin

After a great nights sleep I awoke to an unexpectedly warm tent at 12 deg C. With the outside temperature at minus 10 and virtually no wind, this makes for quite an agreeable arrangement. The lack of wind also meant total silence during the night but this was soon broken by the almost constant hum of heavy machinery clearing the snow that accumulated during the storms which delayed us.

My day was mostly spent adding the perishable foods to each day bag which were kept in cold storage during our delay. Then it was off for visits to medical, comms and travel safety staff before collecting the 3 gallons of fuel I’ll be needing to melt snow for my dehydrated meals. This will be a far cry from the excellent food here at Union Glacier (it’s not quite Argentinian steak though!) and coupled with sit down toilets it’ll be hard to leave here.

Monday will involve a test pull around a 10km circuit close to camp and then to rest before flying out to the start at Hercules Inlet sometime on Tuesday. Weather is looking good so it’s a popular start day with two other solo expeditions flying out also. We get dropped separately but no doubt we will see each other at some points during the first few days before our differing speeds and routines separate us further.

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