Day 2

28th November 2019 0 By admin

Lat S80deg 07.595’
Long W80deg 34.330’
Altitude 720m
Distance 8.73nm

An eight hour day today to continue to break myself in. Looking to average 10 hour days but obviously depends on conditions.
The day started with a continuation of the climb out of Hercules Inlet between Fusco and Wilson nunataks (small hills). Had to pick my way through some rock hard ice which had been exposed by the wind but once past the nunataks things started to improve. The gradient lessened but still going uphill and just as I thought it was getting easier the wind decided to have a go! A moderate SW wind mostly in my face picked up and Is still blowing now. Not horrific but something I’ll have to get used to and it sharpens everything you do so not to expose skin for too long and make sure nothing gets left to blow away.
As the wind was coming slightly to my right, I was unable to look too much at the hills that side so all I had was endless white nothingness. I knew there would be more hills in front of me but unsure when they’d come into view. The horizon wasn’t too easy to define due to the drifting snow but then the wind dropped mid-afternoon for a few minutes and at this point the Patriot Hills could be seen right ahead. Even after the wind picked back up the hills could still be seen as they were getting closer and they turned out to be very handy to navigate towards.
Navigation is done using a GPS pre loaded with waypoints to avoid the crevasses areas. It gives a magnetic bearing which I then set on my compass mounted in front of me and a large part of the day is spent looking down to check I’m on course. Having a visual like a hill is great but sadly I’ll soon be past these and then it’s nothing until about half way.

Feeling good though and had spaghetti carbonara for my tea!

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